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Proven Solutions for Food Product Supply & Distribution

Makad Food International, LLC (“MFI” or “Company”) has been formed by the Makad Global Group of companies as an international distributor of high quality food products. MFI provides distribution and export services and, through its logistics division, arranges for the acquisition of food products from various manufacturers and vendors and the shipping and customs compliance necessary to deliver such food products to the end users.

Makad Food International exports food products from North America to countries located in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Central and South America and the Pacific Ocean nations. MFI also imports certain food items and ingredients from overseas and is capable of shipping anywhere within North America. The Company sources, imports, exports and distributes the food products (“Products”) to and on behalf of its customers (“Customers”). MFI is also a logistics company specializing in sourcing high quality Products at best available pricing, arranging efficient best price shipping and freight and complying with the myriad of health laws, labeling laws, customs, import and export laws and trade tariff regulations that apply to international trade in the food industry.

MFI specializes in servicing food industry providers who typically purchase in less than container load (“LCL”) quantities. MF I is capable of consolidating food products from vendors and manufacturers and arranging shipment to its Customers. MFI’s logistics division (“MFI Logistics”) endeavors to offer the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions for the Products required by MFI’s customers.

Services to help you with all of your
food supply and distribution needs.