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Makad Food International
was established as a full-service wholesale food importer, exporter and distributor of food products directly to its Customers which include franchisees, fast food concept franchised restaurants, traditional restaurants, carry outs, delis, caterers, grocery stores, convenience stores, schools and institutions, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, specialty food shops, other specialty food providers and distributors and the general public. MFI also acts as a direct food importer and exporter and wholesale distributor of high quality specialty food items sourced primarily from western North America. These specialty items range from high quality cheeses, other dairy products, meats, poultry, candies, fruits, nuts, fruit and nut derived products, processed deli items, seafood and produce. MFI’s relationships within the food production and distribution industries allow MFI to offer a diverse variety of Products to its Customers. MFI also makes some Products available under its Customer’s private brands or labels.

MFI benefits from its direct relations with some of the world’s most innovative food producers and vendors giving MFI a selection of the highest quality food products from North America and other parts of the World. MFI Logistics seeks to provide its Customers with best available price/quality ratio as well as providing a unique, distinctive Product selection with direct sourcing from manufacturers, producers and vendors. MFI specializes in sourcing difficult to find specialty food items and ingredients. Makad Food International maintains a continual awareness of the true market conditions affecting the availability, quality and pricing of the various Products that it imports, exports and distributes.

MFI also packages Products under its own private labels as well as the private labels of its retail Customers. The Company also maintains expertise in importing and exporting freshly frozen fruits, vegetables and other perishable items. MFI’s goal is to strive to meet all Customer specifications and provide reliable service with the highest quality available Products.