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Makad Food International provides services to its customers in four major categories:

  1. MFI sources high quality Products and ingredients from a variety of producers, manufacturers, and vendors.
    These Products and ingredients are selected for their quality and reasonable pricing.

  2. MFI Logistics services are designed to efficiently export and ship Products to end-user Customers, often located in countries throughout the World. MFI Logistics provides services relating to shipping, freight forwarding, international trade law compliance, international labeling requirements, customs, duties and tariffs compliance and developing strategies to most efficiently move Product to the Customer. Shipments can be arranged in full containers, mixed containers or LCL quantities.

  3. MFI endeavors to control shipments from the source to the Customer, thereby solving problems.
    MFI specializes in developing solutions for problems ranging from supplies in short markets to unique packaging requirements.

  4. MFI can assist in setting up in-house inventory management and providing other management services.
    Makad Food International provides additional value to its Customers by providing consulting in and assistance and advice with respect to Product availability, selection, pricing, marketing, inventory management and control, dealings with local and international authorities, shipping and freight, local law compliance, labeling requirements, health law compliance, Product education and similar matters to its Customers. MFI also offers consulting and marketing services to Customers wishing to enter international markets.